About Collecting Dots

About Collecting Dots

Collecting Dots is a collection of writings by me, Ross Power.

The term derives from my own take on the idea that we must connect the dots in our lives, a way of thinking popularised by a Steve Jobs speech. Although I whole heartedly agree that there is power in the connection of our lives dots, I feel this is more of a reflective and retrospective activity - we much first collect dots with openness and faith where they might lead.

In August I opted to take Voluntary Redundancy from the consulting firm I have been fortunate enough to start my career and spend the last 2 and a half years at.

I am now embarking on the journey of building a business and life around my values, strengths, passions, and curiosities.My newsletter and this accompanying collecting will document my journey.

You may have heard the trend in start-ups world known as ‘Building in Public’ - this is both my journal of what I am doing, which I provide in my fortnightly Sprint Update newsletter, and what I am reading, thinking and writing about.

What am I going to get out of the Newsletter?

Collecting Dots is an anecdotal, educational, and perhaps even humorous 🤞 insight into the dots that I have uncovered and how they have helped shape where I am going, with the goal to entertain, educate and inspire you on your own discovery.

💻What I’ve been up to…
How have things evolved over the last two weeks? What have I come against - ‘blockers’ - and how I’ve overcome these - ‘breakthroughs’. What are the key things that I have achieved, or, at least helped me to grow.

✍️What I wrote…I’ll share some of my writing. This may be on a topic that I have come across before and been eager to write about, a book review, thoughts on a documentary, trend, or whatever else might come up.

📚 What I read…I’ll share a few links to what I’m reading, whether this is a book, another great newsletter I subscribe to or an article that peaked my interest and provided some food for thought.

🦋What inspired meThis might well be the spot to see the inner workings of my brain; what made me think, challenged me, gave me confidence and acted as an inspiration tool. It may well be something I saw on a walk, or listened to on a run.

🔦Spotlight on… [insert name here]I am fortunate to have a huge number of friends, family, ex-colleagues and kind-strangers now friends who I admire. This will be a spotlight on one of them - sharing some insights into what they’re up to, perhaps a business, side project or personal passion to help my network meet each other and grow in an organic and intimate way whilst I can’t make the intro’s in person.

Whether you’re starting your own business or well underway to your first billion, happily settled in a company or perhaps thinking about a path elsewhere, this newsletter aims to share what I have found useful and the dots I have collected which may in turn help you on your journey.

Life is in the dots collected as much as it is in the dots connected
- Ross Power